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CheckPoint Wk1 The relationship that I am using for this assignment is my current relationship. One of the strategies I could use to strengthen the relationship is showing affection. In this relationship we have three children, 11 and 12 years of age (the 11year olds are twins). We have no problem showing affection, but we do have a problem with making time for just us. It seems that with normal everyday chores and activities there is not much time for each other. I believe that if we were to make time for a “date” at least every other week we could be a closer couple. Having shared meaning would also help strengthen our relationship. I believe that shared
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Unformatted text preview: meaning and showing affection go hand in hand. If both people have some common interests it could be used for setting up a “date”. I do not think that we need to be carbon copies of each other, but having common interests are good. Handling conflict constructively would be another strategy that we could use. We all have the tendency to say things we regret when we are angry. By being able to disagree constructively and accept each other’s opinion, not always agree with it but to accept it, this could also help strengthen a relationship. I think that using all three of these strategies any relationship would be much better....
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