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Final History Paper - 1 Importance of South Asian History...

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1 Importance of South Asian History and Culture depicted through Pop Culture Many people around the world do not know much about South Asian history and culture. They do not even know what areas are considered part of South Asia. South Asian history is very important to South Asian immigrant population around the world, as well as their peers. Some people are ignorant of other cultures and traditions and thus are quick on making racial comments. South Asian history is not just about Gandhi and his tactics to get rid of the British rule, but also of how mistreated Indians were, the wars between Pakistan and India, as well as the separation and creation of many countries in the region; such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. However, in the past few years many people have recently taken a new interest in South Asian culture because it is becoming more prominent in society. Many people are being familiar with Indian music, films, books, and even food. For this reason only, I have decided to hold a month long cultural event, titled “South Asian History through Literature, Music and Film.” In this event, I will present the audience with different pieces of media that depict South Asian history from 1858 onwards to 1997. I have decided to present three films, one literary source and a musical performance. The three films I have decided to show are Lagaan, Water, and Bombay. The novel and musical performance I will be presenting is The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Kala by Mohsin Hamid and M.I.A. respectively. They will be presented in a timeline manner of their plots starting from the beginning to the end. The event will begin with the showing of the movie Lagaan . The movie was directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar and was released in 2000. The movie is set in the Victorian period, in the year 1893, of the British Raj and revolves around the peasants from a dry village who are
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2 oppressed by high taxes that are imposed by the British rulers. When the peasants attempt to convince the officers to reduce the taxes, however, the officers put forth a proposition to the peasants. One senior officer offers to cancel their taxes for three years if their village team beats him at cricket. After accepting his proposition, the villagers face the difficult task of learning the game and playing for a result that will change their village's destiny. Lagaan depicts the ruling of the British while they occupied India and how they mistreated the villagers because of their helplessness and poverty. (Hancock, Lecture 6) The movie does not only deal with the historical political issues during that era, but also the social issues that existed amongst the villagers. The movie portrays the caste system of India that was highly important to people. It depicts the way people are ill-treated because they belong to a lower caste. For example, the character of Kachra belongs to the untouchable caste, thus initially he was refused to be on the villager’s team or even be around the other villagers. Furthermore, the movie also deals with betrayal amongst the villagers. One of the characters was
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Final History Paper - 1 Importance of South Asian History...

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