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RG ST midterm paper - Dharma v. Moksa: Strife between a...

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Dharma v. Moksa: Strife between a Brahman and Renunciant In second century CE, I went on a trip to India and visited the holy city of Varanasi, India. During my visit there, I went to the Ganges River and while I was wondering around taking in the beauty of the city, I happened to come across two men arguing. I decided to sit down and listen to the argument and after a little while, I understood that one of the men was a brahmanical exponent of the Dharma-Sastras while the other was a lifelong renunicant. They were arguing about their ultimate goal of life of either dharma or moksa. Here is a recount of the conversation that I heard: BE: What were you thinking when you chose a life of being a lifelong renunciant, you should be fulfilling your varnasrama- dharma (propriety, socially approved conduct). RE: I do not care for the four stages. I just want to attain liberation from all of this, I want to attain moksa . BE: Are you not ashamed of yourself for not following the four asramas , the four stages of life, which have been put forward for us to follow. The Varnasrama-dharma (the system of ritual and social duties that are incumbent on male members of the four social classes ( varnas ) at different stages of life) states that it is our social duties to fulfill the four asramas . RE: Why would I want to go through the four stages, when I can just focus on the goal of
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RG ST midterm paper - Dharma v. Moksa: Strife between a...

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