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Bl ST 129 paper 1 - History and Development of Racial...

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Unformatted text preview: History and Development of Racial Segregated Residential Patterns Segregation has always been a part of history in our society and it still exists to some extent today . Since before the Civil War, African Americans have been treated unfairly in the work, residential, and social sectors of our society . Race has always been seen as a factor when people choose which neighborhood they should live in . Whites had never wanted to be alongside colored people, whether it be in the workforce or in a residential area . The way African Americans were treated in the past has an important effect on the prevalence of racially segregated urban residential patterns, however, as Douglas Massey and Nancy Denton state in their book, American Apartheid , that racial segregation was not always a problem . As stated in W . E . B . DuBois’s book, The Philadelphia Negro , no matter how qualified the African American applicant was for a job, he or she was often rejected because of their race (327-328) . Whites did not want to work with African Americans just because they were colored and a different race than those of Whites . DuBois gave many different examples that showed how racially segregated the workforce is . This was just the in the workforce, however, racial segregation can also be seen in neighborhoods as the population of African Americans rose over the years and large black neighborhoods began to develop . “As the years passed by Jim Crow laws became more established especially in urban...
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Bl ST 129 paper 1 - History and Development of Racial...

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