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08-24-2007 Notes - Instituted a lot of checks and balances...

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*First Homework due next Wednesday at 10am Republic Form of Gov’t US has a republican form of Gov’t. Not simple majority rule Public input but institutional constraints Only body that is directly elected by the people is House of Rep. Senators were elected by State legislatures until early 20 th Century. President elected by electoral college, judges appointed by the President. Founding Fathers very leery of direct democracy.
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Unformatted text preview: Instituted a lot of checks and balances to prevent “mob rule.” Self-check Quiz 1. C 2. A 3. D Social and Economic structure effects the way politics unfold. US population is among the top 5 in the world (China, India, US) US population is ~302 million World population is ~6.6 billion Melting Pot? Accuracy Effects 21 st Century Heterogeneous population: income, race/ethnicity, [two more]...
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