Unit 7 assignment - Considerations, Checklist and Template...

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Considerations, Checklist and Template for General Electric Project This GE Web site displays its appliances, but customers must visit a retailer to purchase them. This case highlights GE’s approach towards their channel strategy and how they approach their relationship with the intermediaries in their channel. Question 1 This question looks for your insight on what you have found out on the website and how they apply to some of the ideas presented in this week’s reading. Actually, there are two things that you should pay particular attention to in this question. The first has to do with issues that may involve the physical distribution of purchasing appliances directly. The other has to with keeping harmony in GE’s other marketing channels. Question 2 For this, you are going to want to refer to the concept of coverage intensity that is covered in the text. Let the reader know what type of coverage intensity you feel GE has with their appliances. You also might want to provide insight on how the internet might change the coverage intensity for consumers. Question 3 This is a fairly general question. We have been looking at customer service issues throughout the term. However, in answering the question, try to focus on the customer service issues involved with GE’s sales of appliances and how the website can help in this effort. You might also want to indicate what services GE offers on the site and, more importantly, what they
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Unit 7 assignment - Considerations, Checklist and Template...

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