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Unit 9- Project 9B Brand Analysis- Godiva

Unit 9- Project 9B Brand Analysis- Godiva - 1 Unit 9...

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Unit 9 – Project 9B Brand Analysis : Godiva Chocolate Tosha Collins Kaplan University 1
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In this report, I will do my best to try and analyze the four areas of the marketing mix for the Godiva Chocolate brand. I will be discussing and looking closely at Godiva's product, pricing, placement, and promotion, as well as some changes that could be made. Joseph Draps introduced Godiva chocolate to Belgium in 1926. This company was named after the legendary Lady Godiva herself. The first boutique that was opened outside of Belgium was in Paris, France in in 1958. Draps finally expanded globally into a department store in Northern America in 1966 and opened it's first boutique in 1972 in New York. 2 Godiva is noted for its perfectionism and beautiful packages. Quality that Belgium is known for and proud of. The brand does a good job of serving the needs of its customers in regards to product. Making the product available at finer department and specialty stores, Godiva has approximately 450 stores open around the world. The company also issues 6 seasonal mail-order catalogs a year and phone and internet orders are always available to the customer.
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