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ToshCollins_Unit10 Assignment_AC113 - I was. Payroll is...

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Unit 10 Writing Assignment 1 Running head: Unit 10 Writing Assignment Unit 10 Writing Assignment Tosha Collins Kaplan University Accounting for Non Accounting Majors AC113-12 Professor Bradley Cochran 4/11/10
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Unit 10 Writing Assignment 2 This course was surprisingly pleasant and informative. I used to think that accounting was just about reconciling and paying bills. Boy, was I wrong. With all of the different terms and equations, I thought that I would easily get lost and possibly score low in my grades for the first time. There is so more to accounting and now I can say, I know at least a piece of it. The key to accounting for me would be the financial statements. These four statements are the navigation system for accounting. Each one has a specific meaning and you must get to know those statements in order to be able to correctly record anything. I had no idea how that land was recorded and hoping to own a business one day, I feel as though I am somewhat more knowledgeable than what
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Unformatted text preview: I was. Payroll is also something that I would need to know if I plan on being an employer someday. In the line of work that I deal with today, we use FOB for our shipping terms. It was interesting to see that this was an accounting term. I thought that it came from the world of logistics. I do not always get a chance to work with invoices or billings, but I do place orders and see the accounting terms being used when the orders are placed. I am walking away from this course with a better understanding of accounting and all it has to offer in the business world. This course has taught me about inventory and the difference between current assets and current liabilities. All of which can be applied when I own and run a business. Thank you Professor Cochran for a great and enjoyable term....
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ToshCollins_Unit10 Assignment_AC113 - I was. Payroll is...

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