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Name: Tosha Collins Course Number: BU100 Section Number: 11AU Unit Number: 9 I believe that Ebay is affected greatly with the Compression of Time factor. Because of this, buyers and sellers can conveniently partake in auctions. All of this is done digitally between computers where there is no timing requirement for transmission. Ebay allows the buyer and the seller to communicate regarding the product or goods sold and terms of payment , bringing people together through a variety of websites focusing on commerce, payments, and communications.
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Unformatted text preview: Ebay also allows the buyers and sellers the chance to rate each other regarding their transactions as a guide for others to see. I believe that this is done to build a trust factor for others because of the type of communication used. If they can see that someone was rated poorly, they will know that they are taking a business risk with them versus a good rating where the consumer is highly pleased.
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