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Tosha Collins MT302 Organizational Behavior Unit Seven: Application 15.2 Judgment Calls 6/7/10
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Business etiquette and ethics set the stage for the type of behavior that is expected from companies today. They also set the precedent for how successful ones business will be. How often have we gone to an interview and not only dress, but act for the occasion? When you have visitors, you send them out with the most appropriate people, or should we say the employees that possess that business etiquette and will represent the company well. Perception goes a long way and that first impression is a lasting one. For example, most companies have a dress code. Conservative business attire is most acceptable. However, business casual is also very popular (Drafke, 2006). With this being said, if you have an employee that is wearing an offensive tie around your guests, it comes across as being insensitive to their culture and presence. This could be damaging to the relationship between the guests and the company. As Drafke (2006) would say, it is important that proper business etiquette be met and attained at all times within the business world. So, pulling this
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ToshaCollins_MT302_Unit_7_Assignment - Tosha Collins MT302...

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