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TT2_Review - Chapter 17 The principles behind financial...

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ACTSC 372 Test #2 Review Chapter 14 : Mainly 14.1-14.6 You should know the 3 forms of the EMH, and some of the evidence both for and against. Chapter 15: Most of this chapter reviews the types of instruments. Just a general familiarity with the ideas is sufficient. Chapter 16: This material is important. The idea of homemade leverage, market value balance sheets, and the formulas summarized on page 456 and 464 are important.
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 17: The principles behind financial distress costs and ways to reduce them are important. Most of this is qualitative and not quantitative. Personal taxes will not be covered in great detail. Chapter 18: This is important material. How to find the WACC and value a project with both WACC and APV are important....
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