08-29-2007 Notes

08-29-2007 Notes - Weds MicroCase Homework 1 due today[One...

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Weds, 8/29/07 MicroCase Homework 1, due today:[One score dropped, per syllabus] 1) “Solid South” – freedom of slaves resulted in big block of democrats. Solid South was a conservative group (not the liberal democrats of today). Today the south is conservative republican. 2) More minorities in south and west than you’d find in East and Midwest. Large number of African Americans live in the south and large number of Hispanics live in the West. Puerto Ricans tend to live in New England (New York) area. Asian Americans tend to live in West (Cali, Hawaii). New Mexico democratic state, but if remove the Hispanic population, the state turns republican. 3) South and west (sun belt) growing faster than other areas. Concerns with water shortages. Constitution Approval [Monday] Articles of Confederation didn’t work too well, wrote Const instead. Needed approval of 9/13 states. Some liked the Articles of Confed, thought Const gave too much power to federal gov’t. They were anti-federalists. Those who favored the new const were federalists. They made their arguments through the newspapers. Different newspapers were aligned with different groups (not balanced or fair reporting). Mostly essays printed. Federalists papers, Publius written anonymous. Today we know they were written by
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08-29-2007 Notes - Weds MicroCase Homework 1 due today[One...

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