Assignment-blood disorders-week#4-Gabrielle Jeffcoat

Assignment-blood disorders-week#4-Gabrielle Jeffcoat -...

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Blood Disorders, 1 Running head: BLOOD DISORDERS Blood disorders Gabrielle HCA240 University of Phoenix
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Blood Disorders In the case of Amy, a 4-year-old Caucasian female, the medical condition is Folic Acid Deficiency Anemia. “This an when the body has a severely low level of Vitamin B. This results in anemia characterized by red blood cells that are large in size and lacking in number (, 2009.”Folic Acid is used for growth and cell repair. A woman over 30- years old or pregnant is the average patient. However, a man or woman of any age can have Folic Acid Deficiency Anemia. In this case a main factor is that there is no fresh fruits and vegetables in one’s diet. “This water-soluble vitamin is made by intestinal bacteria and is shortly stored in the liver (, 2009).”In most cases a person is not getting enough leafy green vegetables and fruit in his or her diet. In some cases the body require a more than normal amount of Folic Acid. This occurs when a woman is pregnant or suffer from medical conditions that would require more folic acid.” Some symptoms are feeling weak and tired, mood swings, loss of appetite and weight loss, and feeling light-headed (WebMD, 2005-2009). This is tested by a blood test from a doctor. A doctor will check for B12 along with testing for anemia. If caught
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Assignment-blood disorders-week#4-Gabrielle Jeffcoat -...

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