CheckPoint-Diagnosis and Treatment-Week#5-Gabrielle Jeffcoat

CheckPoint-Diagnosis and Treatment-Week#5-Gabrielle...

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CheckPoint-Diagnosis and Treatment-Week#5-Gabrielle Jeffcoat CheckPoint: Diagnosis and Treatment Navigate to the WebMD ® Web site at Select a digestive disorder discussed in the Main forum for this week’s Discussion Question 2. Choose a discussion in which you did not participate. Write a 250- to 300-word response to the following: Esophageal Varices Describe the medical equipment and procedures involved in diagnosing and treating the condition. If suffering from Esophageal Varices a person can test for the medical condition by bloody or black stool on rectal exam. Another way to test for bleeding is by using an Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) test. This is where a tube is put through the nose into the stomach to find out where the bleeding is coming from. The goal of treatment is to stop bleeding as so as one can and treat varices using medication and medical procedures. If the bleeding is not controls quickly a person can die from shock and result in death. If severe bleeding occurs a person is places on ventilators to protect airways and stop blood from entering the lungs. Endoscopic therapy is used by using a small light tube. The doctor will inject the patient into varices directly with a medicine to clot blood. Once the bleeding has stopped a patient can use beta
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CheckPoint-Diagnosis and Treatment-Week#5-Gabrielle...

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