Blood vessels Study guide 2

Blood vessels Study guide 2 - the relevant arteries....

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Review questions: the vascular system 1. John hates going to the mall for shopping. He doesn’t mind the shopping itself, but after standing in line in so many shops for so long, he comes back home with his feet swollen and painful. His friend, who is taking A&P, told him it’s called: edema. Why does this edema occur after standing for such a long time and what is the contribution of our vascular system’s architecture to John’s edema? 2. How is the endothelium of most capillaries different from the one lining the capillaries that nourish the brain? 3. How do elastic components contribute to the function of the large arteries? 4. From the following blood vessels, which are contributing the most to peripheral resistance: large arteries, arterioles, venules, veins? 5. Anemia is often accompanied by a decrease in blood pressure. Why? 6. How does blood go back to the heart if the blood pressure in the venules is less than 20 mmHg? 7. Why is obesity accompanied by high blood pressure? 8. During stress, blood flow to the kidney is almost completely blocked via constriction of
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Unformatted text preview: the relevant arteries. Therefore, the blood pressure in the capillaries of the kidney during stress is very low, virtually zero. On the other hand, we learned that constriction increases resistance, and therefore increasing blood pressure. How do we settle this discrepancy between low and high blood pressures? 9. Understand in detail the baroreceptor reflex. 10. What are the major ways by which we control blood pressure in the short term? In the long term? 11. What are the dangers of hypertension? Vocabulary bank Arteries ; Arterioles ; venules ; veins ; fenestrated capillaries ; capillary beds ; elastic component ; recoil ; endothelium ; blood pressure ; aterial blood pressure ; mean arterial pressure ; systolic pressure ; diastolic pressure ; resistance ; peripheral resistance ; cardiac output ; blood flow ; viscocity ; vessel length ; vessel diameter ; sphincters ; hypertension ;...
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Blood vessels Study guide 2 - the relevant arteries....

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