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Digesrive system Study guide

Digesrive system Study guide - Review questions digestive...

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Review questions: digestive system 1. Explain how stimulation of gastric juice secretion by peptides is considered to be a negative feedback mechanism 2. What structural modification underlies the stomach’s ability to mechanically digest food? 3. What is the role of the intrinsic factor? 4. What are the components of gastric juice and which cells secrete those components? 5. Understand in detail the stimuli and the mechanisms of the three phases of gastric secretion’s regulation. 6. In what way does regulation of gastric emptying similar to gastric secretion? What are the effectors (target cells) that are regulated during gastric emptying? 7. What are the major functions of the liver? 8. What are the major exocrine products of the pancreas? 9. How is secretion of bile salts regulated? 10. What happens eventually to the bile salts after they assist in digestion and absorption? 11. Summarize all the mechanisms that are used to neutralize the acidic chyme entering the small intestine. Why is it important to neutralize this chyme?
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