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Review questions: the respiratory system 1. How do we protect ourselves from having microorganisms and dust particles passing through the respiratory membrane? 2. How does smoking affect our defense system in the trachea? 3. What structures make up the respiratory membrane? What is its function? 4. The pleural fluid is constantly being pumped out of the pleural cavity (and into the lymphatic vessels). Why is that so important? 5. What cause a negative intrapleural pressure? 6. Elasticity of the alveoli drives them to recoil and we need to oppose that to prevent the lung from collapsing. How? 7. Why do we need surfactant for? 8. Scarlet O’Hara is trying to squeeze herself into a corset with an 18-inch waist. Will she be more successful by taking a deep breath and holding it or by blowing all the air out of her lungs? Why? 9. People who smoke may begin to develop emphysema, a homeostatic imbalance characterized by loss of alvelor elasticity.
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Unformatted text preview: This makes expiration- normally a passive process- to become consciously an active process. Why do emphysema patients need to exhale actively and how do they do that? 10. How is breathing regulated? What is the role of CO 2 in breathing regulation? Vocabulary bank Pulmonary ventilation ; internal and external respiration ; trachea ; bronchi ; bronchioles ; conducting zone ; respiratory zone ; alveoli ; surfactant ; cystic fibrosis ; asthma ; respiratory membrane ; alveolar macrophages ; parietal pleura ; visceral pleura ; pleural cavity ; pleural fluid ; diaphragm ; intercostals muscles ; atmospheric pressure ; intrapulmonary pressure ; intrapleural pressure ; transpulmonary pressure ; surface tension ; pneumothorax ; Boyle’s law ; Dalton’s law ; inspiration ; expiration ; lung compliance ; tuberculosis ; VRG ; DRG ; PRG ; pons ; medulla ;...
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