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Urinary system Study guide

Urinary system Study guide - (why secondary and why active...

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Review questions: Urinary system 1. What determines the GFR? 2. How would changes in each of the components regulating GFR affect it? 3. We had this question before and it is still relevant: During stress, blood flow to the kidney is almost completely blocked via constriction of the relevant arteries. Therefore, the blood pressure in the capillaries of the kidney during stress is very low, virtually zero. On the other hand, we learned that constriction increases resistance, and therefore increasing blood pressure. How do we settle this discrepancy between low and high blood pressures? 4. What composes the filtration membrane and how come it is so permeable? 5. When and how does intrinsic regulation of filtration take place? 6. When and how does extrinsic regulation of filtration take place? 7. Measuring creatinine concentrations in the blood and in the urine allows us to learn about .... 8. Why the mechanism driving glucose reabsorption is called “secondary active transport”
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Unformatted text preview: (why secondary and why active)? 9. What is the driving force for water to be reabsorbed in the PCTs? 10. Drugs that increase urine volume are called diuretics. Some diuretics inhibit the active transport of Na in the nephron. Explain how these diuretic drugs can cause increased urine volume. 11. How does ADH regulate water reabsorption? 12. How does aldosterone regulate NaCl reabsorption? Vocabulary bank Filtration ; reabsorption ; secretion ; nephron ; PCTs ; Loop of Henle ; DCTs ; collecting duct ; cortical nephrons ; juxtamedullary nephrons ; primary active transport ; secondary active transport ; vasa recta ; peritubular capillaries ; GFR ; filtrate ; podocytes ; Bowman’s capsule ; glomerulus ; myogenic response ; sodium-potassium pump ; aquaporins ; concentrated urine ; ADH ; aldosterone ; osmolality ; interstitial fluid ; osmolality gradient ; countercurrent multiplier...
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