6 Heart and Vessels

6 Heart and Vessels - Anatomy Lab #6: The Heart and Major...

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Unformatted text preview: Anatomy Lab #6: The Heart and Major Vessels of the Thorax 1 he Heart and Major Vessels of the Thorax The heart is located within the mediastinum, the central divisions of the thoracic cavity between the pleural cavities surrounding the lungs. The mediastinum also contains the thymus, trachea, bronchi, esophagus, and great vessels of the heart. The heart itself is immediately surrounded by the pericardial cavity, a thin fluid-filled cavity that ensures a low-friction environment for the movements of the heart. OBJECTIVES boxcheckbld Identify the structures of the heart and its vessels boxcheckbld Know the path of blood flow into and out of the hearts four chambers boxcheckbld Identify the major arteries leaving the aorta in the thorax boxcheckbld Identify the major structures of the respiratory system and understand their functional significance STRUCTURES YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IDENTIFYING ON MODELS, PHOTOGRAPHS, OR ILLUSTRATIONS: Heart boxshadowdwn Endocardium Major Vessels of the Heart and Thorax boxshadowdwn Superior vena cava* boxshadowdwn Myocardium boxshadowdwn Epicardium boxshadowdwn Apex* boxshadowdwn Right and left atria* boxshadowdwn Auricles of right and left atria* boxshadowdwn Pectinate muscles boxshadowdwn Right and left ventricles* boxshadowdwn Interventricular septum boxshadowdwn Interatrial septum boxshadowdwn Tricuspid (right atrioventricular) valve* boxshadowdwn Bicuspid or Mitral (left atrioventricular) valve* boxshadowdwn Aortic semilunar valve* boxshadowdwn Pulmonary semilunar valve* boxshadowdwn Trabeculae carneae boxshadowdwn Papillary muscles boxshadowdwn Chordae tendineae boxshadowdwn Right and left coronary arteries boxshadowdwn Coronary sinus boxshadowdwn Inferior vena cava* boxshadowdwn Pulmonary trunk* boxshadowdwn Pulmonary artery boxshadowdwn Pulmonary vein* boxshadowdwn Ascending aorta boxshadowdwn Aortic arch* boxshadowdwn Descending (thoracic) aorta boxshadowdwn Brachiocephalic artery (right side only) boxshadowdwn Brachiocephalic vein (right and left sides) boxshadowdwn Common carotid artery boxshadowdwn Internal and external jugular veins boxshadowdwn Subclavian artery boxshadowdwn Subclavian vein 2 * Indicates possible quiz terms Superior vena cava...
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6 Heart and Vessels - Anatomy Lab #6: The Heart and Major...

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