7 Respiratory System

7 Respiratory System - Anatomy Lab #7: The Respiratory...

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Unformatted text preview: Anatomy Lab #7: The Respiratory System 1 The Respiratory System The respiratory system extends from the external nares (nostrils) to the lungs. Its primary responsibilities are to transport air into and out of the alveoli where gas exchange occurs. Secondarily, the respiratory system is involved in phonation and acid-base balance of the blood. OBJECTIVES boxcheckbld Understand the structures involved in the passage of air from the external nares to the lungs boxcheckbld Identify and distinguish between primary, secondary, and tertiary bronchi boxcheckbld Know the structure of the larynx and how sound is produced boxcheckbld Understand the arrangement of pleural membranes and the pleural cavities STRUCTURES YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IDENTIFYING boxshadowdwn External nares* boxshadowdwn Arytenoid cartilages boxshadowdwn Nasal cavity* boxshadowdwn Nasal conchae boxshadowdwn Oral cavity* boxshadowdwn Paranasal sinuses* boxshadowdwn Hard palate* boxshadowdwn Soft palate* boxshadowdwn Pharynx boxshadowdwn Nasopharynx* boxshadowdwn Oropharynx* boxshadowdwn Laryngopharynx* boxshadowdwn Larynx boxshadowdwn Thyroid cartilage boxshadowdwn Cricoid cartilage boxshadowdwn Epiglottis boxshadowdwn Vocal folds boxshadowdwn Glottis boxshadowdwn Right and left lungs boxshadowdwn Superior lobe* boxshadowdwn Inferior lobe* boxshadowdwn Middle lobe (right lung only)* boxshadowdwn Trachea* boxshadowdwn Primary bronchus* boxshadowdwn Secondary bronchus boxshadowdwn Tertiary bronchus boxshadowdwn...
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7 Respiratory System - Anatomy Lab #7: The Respiratory...

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