exam1review - • Scientific method • Organic molecules...

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Unformatted text preview: • Scientific method • Organic molecules • Cell theory and cell o Organelle o Endosymbiont hypothesis • Disffusion, osmosis • Photosynthesis o Energy o Plant parts o Light reaction o Dark reaction • Scientific method o 4 steps Observation • Subjective • Objective Hypothesis • Make hypothesis based on observations • Independent and dependent variable o If/then If I feed my dog all meat then he will be more heavier Experiment • Control: everything exactly the same except the thing being experimented o Large sample size is better o Can never prove a hypothesis Theorem • Major organic molecule: part of life: based on carbon o Carbohydrates Store energy; give energy Simple sugars; glucose-6 carbon molecules o Lipids Hydrophobic; non-polar Fatty acid tail • A lot of carbon bonded to each other Insulators of heat and electricity Phospholipids: main component of a membrane • 2 lipid tails • Polar head; non-polar tail o Protein Amino acids • 20 amino acids •...
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exam1review - • Scientific method • Organic molecules...

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