Fall Exam 2 Key

Fall Exam 2 Key - Biol 101 Test II DeSaix Oct 4 2007 Name...

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Biol. 101 – Test II – DeSaix Oct. 4, 2007 Name ____________________ Print your name, last name first, and your PID number legibly on your answer sheet. Bubble in both below. Each answer is worth 2 points. Always choose one best answer and use only number 2 pencils to fill in your answers. Be sure to sign the pledge on your answer sheet. The last question will be used only if another question has to be deleted. Turn in your answer sheet in alphabetical order at the front of the room. Keep your test paper with answers to check against the key so that you will know what you have missed. The key will be posted after the test. __2__1. Which of the following statements about the immediate products of meiotic division is correct? 1) They are genetically identical. 2) They have half the number of chromosomes of the parent cells. 3) They are gametes in higher plants. 4) They are body cells in animals. 5) They are found in most body organs. __3__2. What defines crossing over? 1) Chromatids exchange parts of genetic information. 2) A separation of chromatids and migration toward the poles. 3) Similar chromosomes are matched up and may swap parts. 4) Chromosomes cross from one gamete to another. 5) Single stranded homologs join together. __2__3. The farther apart two genes are on a chromosome, _________________. 1) the less likely that crossing over and recombination will occur between them 2) the greater will be the frequency of crossing over and recombination between them 3) the more likely they are to be in two different linkage groups 4) the more likely they are to be segregated into different gametes when meiosis occurs 5) the more likely it is that one of them will mutate. __2__4. Karyotype determination usually requires: 1) a pedigree. 2) cells stopped in mitosis. 3) cells in meiotic metaphase. 4) a measure of heritability (how much a characteristic is passed from generation to generation). __2__5. During interphase of mitosis the: 1) cell begins dividing. 2) cell is not dividing. 3) cell completes dividing. 4) none of these. __4__6. Chromosomes migrate to the poles during: 1) interphase. 2) prophase. 3) metaphase. 4) anaphase. __4__7. Which element (structure) within the cell moves the chromosomes during mitosis? 1) microfilaments 2) endoplasmic reticulum 3) asters 4) microtubules 5) centromeres. __4__8. During prophase: 1) the centromeres travel along the spindle equator. 2) cytokinesis may begin. 3) the DNA content of the cell doubles. 4) the spindle fibers form. 5) sister chromatids separate. __3__9. Problems with mitosis might be encountered by animal cells having lost their: 1) ribosomes 2) cilia 3) centrioles 4) plastids 5) cell walls. _1__ 10.
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Fall Exam 2 Key - Biol 101 Test II DeSaix Oct 4 2007 Name...

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