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Name Your name Lab Day and Time TA TA's name Room Room C HEMISTRY 11L L EARNING D EVICE EXPT. Density of Water 4 For calculations, you must show all of your work and include appropriate units to receive full credit. Answers to the discussion questions should be in the form of complete sentences. 1. Is density an intensive or extensive property? (1 pt) Answer 2. Write the mathematical expression for density. (2 pts) Answer 3. A student collected the following data in the laboratory. Unknown Liquid Z Temperature 20 o C mass of graduated cylinder 35.61 g mass of graduated cylinder and liquid 39.34 g a) Looking at the picture above, what is the volume of the liquid in the graduated cylinder? (2 pts) Answer b) Calculate the density of the unknown liquid. Is the unknown liquid water? Explain your answer. (4 pts) Answer 4. Table 4.1 in your lab manual summarizes the values of the density for water in the temperature range of 0 –
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Unformatted text preview: 70 o C. Enter the data into an editable table in DataStudio (see page 1-8 in the Software tutorial for directions to create editable data tables.) Generate a plot of Density vs. Temperature (remember, y vs. x) for water. Insert the graph in the space provided below (see page 1-17 for details of graph and table exporting). (5 pts) 5. Explain how the density determination of a liquid would be affected [higher(+), lower(-) or not affected (NA)] by each of the following conditions. (2 pts each) Answer A. The buret segment had several large bubbles in the liquid. EXPLAIN Explanation Answer B. The liquid spilled after being weighed but before the volume is measured. EXPLAIN Explanation Answer C. A Bunsen burner is burning six inches from the buret segment. EXPLAIN Explanation Insert DataStudio graph of Density vs. Temperature...
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