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Name Your name Lab Day and Time TA TA's name Room Room C HEMISTRY 11L L EARNING D EVICE EXPT. Spectroscopy 6 For calculations, you must show all of your work and include appropriate units to receive full credit. Answers to the discussion questions should be in the form of complete sentences. 1. Define spectroscopy. (2 pts) Answer 2. Explain the difference between a line spectrum and a continuous spectrum. (2 pts) Answer 3. State Planck’s law and define the symbols. Give typical units for each (4 points) Answer 4. a) What is the frequency of light that has a wavelength of 450 nm? (3 pts) Answer b) What is the energy of the light from part (a) (in Joules)? (3 pts) Answer c) Is this light visible to the human eye?
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Unformatted text preview: Is so, what color is the light? (2 pts) Answer 5. The primary colors of visible light are green, blue, and red. a) Rank the above colors in order of increasing wavelength (from shortest to longest wavelength). (1 pt) Answer b) Rank the above colors in order of increasing frequency (from lowest to highest frequency). (1 pt) Answer c) Rank the above colors in order of increasing energy (from lowest to highest energy). (1 pt) Answer d) You have three spotlights that are green, blue, and red, respectively. If each light were focused on a single spot on a stage, what would be the resultant color of light? (1 pt) Answer...
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