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Neil Luckett Chapter 11 Review Questions 1. Listening to the company’s requirements and designing a solution 2. Users unknowingly sever access to shared files or printers and sensitive data could be made available to unauthorized users. 3. A router. 4. All users have the same level of access to a folder 5. A small peer-to-peer network with a fairly open seciryt policy. 6. Full control, Change, Read. 7. NTFS permissions control access to files and folders for locally logged-on users and when used with sharing permissions, the most restrictive permissions apply between
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Unformatted text preview: sharing and NTFS permissions. 8. Centralizing accounts. 9. NFS and Samba. 10. \\server\share 11. Sendmail 12. Raid 1 for the operating system and RAID 5 for the data 13. Speed of the switch, support for multiple media types, and whether its managed or unmanaged 14. Security standards supported and interference from other wireless devices. 15. Port forwarding 16. Gateway-to-gateway, client-to-gateway 17. EULA 18. TCO 19. VPN 20. Protection against DoS attacks, Web Site filtering, cookie blocking, IP spoofing protection...
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