Sociology 9-4 - 9/4/08: The Male Gender Role in American...

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9/4/08: The Male Gender Role in American Society The Forty Nine Percent Majority: The Male Sex Role Role: a set of behaviors one is supposed to do when in certain situations. -Certain roles for certain people -Women don’t play men’s role -Students don’t play a teacher’s role but can be a tutor -A sales clerk can also be a customer -Partly these expectations are predictions Ex: Women and certain groups of women are predicted to be on Republican side because of the female VP nominee. Ex: Schwartz expects us to read the passages therefore he threatens us with quizzes on assigned material- He forces us to play the role of a student by providing an incentive of knowing you will do well on the tests as long as you read the material. Ex: Parents and Children- Parents play many roles outside of being a parent. Ex: Designated Driver- few demands of that role- Don’t drink, have a license, have a car. We all play roles but no one plays them perfectly. No one plays a role quite the same as another person plays that role. -Most roles do not exist without a complimentary role played by another. Ex: MEN NEED WOMEN Students need teachers Children need parents Pilot needs crew, people in the towers, and sometimes passengers. The male gender role is very often enacted in compliment to the female gender role. -The male gender role is played out in all different settings Roles are taught/inspired in many ways: Television- Children copy actors/actresses/other kids/learn from the way a family may treat their child and how a child may respond or treat their parents Men learn from their father Women learn from their mother Experiencing another’s family/father/mother n certain situations and seeing response of friend. Role Model: tree basic methods: 1. Modeling: (copying) on TV, parents, friends, friends’ parents 2. Sanctions: do things and it goes wrong- you learn from it 3. Rewards: do things and good things happen - Rewarded/sanctioned for certain behaviors is observed - Seeing models fail and succeed shows the right and wrong things to do in situations. WHAT IS THE MALE GENDER ROLE:
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Sociology 9-4 - 9/4/08: The Male Gender Role in American...

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