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Sociology 9-16-1

Sociology 9-16-1 - Date Year Women Male Europeans life...

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Date: 9/16/08 Year Women Male 1850 41 38 1900 49 46 1950 71 66 1980 77 70 2000 80 74 - Europeans’ life expectancy is longer than that of the United States. - Men do not go to doctors for medical care, which increases life expectancy - More women would probably complain about their pain rather than men. Men have a “self-reliance” sort of mentality which takes about an average of 3 years from a male’s life according to the chart. - Men don’t take medicine as frequently, get tested, change their diet - Men do more drugs which causes health problems - Doctors don’t respect male pain - Women started getting high tension jobs which creates a higher chance for heart disease. - Women are smoking more. - More men participate in violence such as wars. 1. Diseases a. Male treatment is less effective. Men don’t see a doctor until their illness has progressed to be untreatable. Men don’t take medicine as frequently, getting tested, or refuse to do the diet. Men are also less likely to follow
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