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9/18/2008 MASCULINITY AND GENDER BASED VIOLENCE - Each year, 1-4 million serious assaults occur by men against their partners. - In addition to this number, 1500 women are killed by their intimate partners each year. - 33% of adult women will experience at least one physical assault by partners. - 28% of high school students experience this violence, and 20% of dating couples report REGULAR violence between them. At least half of these couples say that this harsh violence occurs at least three times a year. - 350-400,000 women REPORT sexual assault, but there are many more that aren’t. 1/3 of this reported rape is completed, 1/3 incomplete, and 1/3 is other sexual assault (forced oral sex, shoving objects in orifices, etc.) - 25% of reported rapes take place for females under the age of 12! - 28% of college women will be raped before they graduate. - Most rapes result in long-term problems: 50% of women report serious injuries, and 50% women report increases in visits to doctors. -
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