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Sociology 9-25-1 - MALE GENDER ROLE Wars Wimps and Women...

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Unformatted text preview: September 25, 2008 MALE GENDER ROLE Wars, Wimps and Women: Talking Gender and Thinking War- The white physicist at the beginning of the article said that he felt like a woman when he expressed his emotions about the vast amount of deaths occurring in the war. o “Inappropriate”: less respected- Men : restrain emotion-take charge-calculative and impassive RATIONAL- Women : emotional (hysterical), passive. • Society believes the male trait to be more valued (femaleness devalued). Phrases used to express unmanliness (used in text): 1) “Limp Dick Wimps”- Getting an erection shows masculinity 2) “Pussies” 3) “Euro-fags”- Homosexual men who act like women, stereotype 4) “Does not have stones for war” / “Cojones”- It’s inappropriate for a man to be emotional and not rational and capital. Bringing emotions into situations usually calls for as “acting like a girl”- However, a male can act emotional and a female can act rational and yet there are still actions and behaviors that...
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