Sociology 10-14 and 10-16

Sociology 10-14 and 10-16 - Born Rich 10/14/08 Johnson...

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Born Rich 10/14/08 Johnson explores topics such as the anxieties of being "cut off," and the misconception that money can solve all problems. The story begins with the advent of the filmmaker's 21st birthday, and his mingled anticipation and fear of receiving his portion of the family inheritance. Luke Weil (was in denial of being rich when he was younger) - Sports gaming heir - thought the movie was tacky - told to “work but not worry, you’ll be set up” - Could get angry at people and say: “I can buy your family, so piss off” - Attended Browne University and only left his room for 8 academic events and still passed because of his wealth. - Compares losing money to losing a sibling - Wants to be indispensable- a lawyer or in business S.I. Newhouse IV (enjoys fencing) - Conde Nast Publications heir- Vogue, Allure, Wired, GQ, New Yorker, House & Gardens, Self Magazines. - Attends Haverford College. Does fencing. Lives at college because he feels safe and in control of things - was told if you don’t go to school or work in the company, you don’t get shit - Extremely concerned about being taken out of the inheritance or will - Was told “if you don’t work and put in your time you don’t get a share.” - Believes wealthy kids turn to drugs because they want to escape the mold of their family. Cody Franchetti
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Sociology 10-14 and 10-16 - Born Rich 10/14/08 Johnson...

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