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Sociology 10-07-1 - October 7 2008 Ideas about Born...

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October 7, 2008. Ideas about Born Rich (Movie) - their salary is only a fraction of how much they actually spend - They work out of choice; they can quit anytime and live just as fine - THE RICH HAVE THE ABILITY TO CONTROL THEIR ENVIRONMENT. - Working class’ worries include just being able to get through the day, the rich people’s worries include not getting along with their parents. - working class cannot just quit a job just because they do not like it; they have to keep working no matter how brutal the job is because they have to get through the day. “Nickeled and Dimed” by Barbara Ehrenreich - you can work more than 40 hours per week and still be poor. - The majority of poor people in the United States are working but not making enough to have a decent life. - As a society created 30% of the poor because we created the jobs, the poverty-producing jobs. - There are different levels of poverty. - We work because if we don’t, we can’t really live. We need financial support.
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