Sociology 10-30 and 11-4

Sociology 10-30 and 11-4 - Hip Hop Culture(Rap music Hip...

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10/30/08 Hip Hop Culture (Rap music) Hip Hop was born in places that experienced a cycle of poverty. It is a protest against current social structure. Born in Bronx, Nassau County, Queens, and Brooklyn. Graffiti starts in New York City, painting of subways all over. This had the mayor and MTA fighting with the rappers. Later, rapping started and the MC’s started to talk over the breaks and overtime it integrated into songs. Started in South Bronx, with small independent record labels. Def Jam is one example of an independent record company 1985 White purchased 70% International culture: music spreads from America to other countries spreads without major record companies. 1990: music more mainstreamed to radio and T.V. no more clubs. 15 yrs fully integrated into mainstream The early period came out with the idea of breaks and turned into break dancing Turn tables were used by DJ’s to keep the music going using certain beats DJ’s started to get artistic by letting the audience hear the needle scratch the CD’s Graffiti art became associated with hip hop culture and rap music Master of Ceremonies (MC’s) started talking over breaks DJ Jazzy J and the Fresh Prince is an example of how the rappers came second and the DJ’s were more popular o “Cop Killer”- Rap was accused of forming violence o Rap became a vehicle where all forms of discontent were expressed Modern hip hop discusses cars, money, and girls Early hip hop speaks about living conditions Artists that keep changing become more successful then artists who just keep the same style - Our generation is the consumer and the determiner of an artist’s success - Rap music was seen to be the ultimate form of rebellion - Specific dances were performed during the breaks. -
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Sociology 10-30 and 11-4 - Hip Hop Culture(Rap music Hip...

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