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Sociology 11-06-1 - Class of November 6 2008 1970 New York...

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Class of November 6, 2008 1970 New York Subway : - Graffiti artists= teenagers called bombers or writers - Popular thought was graffiti artists were only Black and Port Rican, however, many of them were White kids too. Usually fans of Rape music, break dance and graffiti art. Graffiti artists used different patterns and style to write this name. - Graffiti was something that was secretly done and really started to become popular. - Bubble letters with wild styles happened to portray people’s name, Arrows for example was a big thing, meant connection, Respect was given to good artists. - There’s a deep meaning and importance in the art they create They see it as a way to express themselves, to make themselves known - Some people actually loved it. They thought graffiti on subway cars became part of NY culture - Governments opinion: it is a crime. Graffiti paintings on subway ruined public pro perty, caused destruction to public life o “Make your mark in society, not on society.” “Take it from the champs, graffiti is for chumps.”
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