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Sociology 11-11 and 11-13

Sociology 11-11 and 11-13 - SOC 105 Notes for Recap of...

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SOC 105 – Notes for 11/11/08 Recap of “Style Wars” Rap artists and graffiti artists share similarities, which is to “break societies rules with a purpose” That purpose is to express themselves through music or art, respectively PMRC (Parent’s Music Resource Center) 1985 – the origin of the parental advisory label on CD’s we see in modern day Framing – when one is involved in an activity and is attempting to receive support, one will choose the most persuasive argument to influence his/her audience. How is heavy metal and rap music framing their arguments? Heavy metal – geared towards the white suburban crowd** Rap/Hip-hop – geared towards inner city black and Latino crowds** **Articles rely heavily on these assumptions** Listening to music itself is not a bad activity, it’s what the kids do after listening to it that is the problem Reasons To Get Rid of Heavy Metal Music “Heavy metal is the instrument of decadence” Keeping heavy metal away from kids will help them with their grades.
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