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Sociology 11-18-1 - SOC 105.01 Notes for 11/18/2008:...

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SOC 105.01 Notes for 11/18/2008: The effects of cultural Homogenization The new music wipes the memories of old and local music from the minds of the youth The new music (others words U.S. music) easier to attain then the local brand of music Creates unemployment or less success for the local artists The traditions of older generations are disregarded and discarded These effects parallel the decline of the Jamaican Diary industry. With the incursion of cheap European products into the Jamaican market, the local diary farmers were forced out of business. The country eventually becomes heavily dependent of foreign nations for its diary products. There is a constant tension between the young and old generations The youth are considered the heralds of change It becomes increasingly apparent, the U.S. culture becomes imperialistic. The new form of conquest is now known as “cultural imperialism” was the old and local culture is supplanted by a foreign culture. The sociological reason this occurs is that it is an exercise of power. Rap: The tool of cultural imperialism or independent artistic movement -Rap does not follow the normal process other cultural item do such as movies or tv shows -Rap adapts the local situation into its system. -Raps follow more along the process of Diffusion. Where various elements of a culture travel from one place to another and adapted i.e. the introduction of pasta to Italy through Marco Polo from China. -But unlike other elements that are diffused through first production and then consumption, Rap is first consumed and then produced. Why is Rap reproduced but not other forms of the cultural medium? Rap music carries themes that are evocative of the audiences situation They love the identity rap is associate with Hip Hop/Rap is held as a symbol of those who are excluded or oppressed. Rap has become synonymous with rebellion of the smaller groups Conclusion: Though Rap is propagated on a global scale, it has been adopted by various people to reflect their local social situation. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hip Hop culture is a double-edged sword. -There are two contradictory ideas that come with hip hop culture. The positive outcome of hip hop culture is that it gives those who might not be heard a voice. The negative outcome of hip hop culture is the behavior and sense of rebellion that is associated with it. -Barnet & Cavanagh argued that homogenization of global culture causes social and economic deprivation. -Local music is wiped out and local artists don’t appeal to young people of other countries because they want to hear American music. -American music today is very accessible through the internet, movies, and international tours.
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Sociology 11-18-1 - SOC 105.01 Notes for 11/18/2008:...

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