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Sociology 12-02-1 - 12-2-08Topic- DisastersIn all natural...

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Unformatted text preview: 12-2-08Topic- DisastersIn all natural disaster is actually the human organization to peoples responseIn Katrina the actually hurricane did not do a lot of damage The Levis Broke- It was known it could not sustain a level 3 hurricane Budget was cut to fix itThe Destruction of new Orleans was a political disasterDeliberate Disaster- Some kind of organization makes a disasterWar= A bunch of Deliberate Disasters What causes Organizational Disasters? How to avoid these Disasters?High Reliability Organizations- HROs like Fire Deparments Dealing with fires are a high cause.The Military- In specific the submarine service is like that. The commander doesnt give his crew full instructions and gives them partial instructions because of high cause of disaster. He trusts his crew to know what they are doing at the right time. The commander isnt always in command.War on Iraq- Soilder was doing what they wanted. The guys above are bullshitConstraint Innovation- The Person whos an expert at the situation or knows what their doing is in charge even if their not a leaderCognition Management On a submarine is that the way it has to work everyone involved has to understand everything. They have to see their role is that its part the this whole idea. If one thing goes wrong in order to fix it 5 people have to fix it. The one that doesnt turn small mistakes into large disaster needs everyone involved helping.. when that small mistake happens they know what to do to fix the situation and everyone needs to uphold a leadership position. Distinguished visitors- The military are in trouble in 2 ways all the time- They always need funding.They need to convince people to join the military. They spend 5 billion dollars on advertisingImage- Everyone thinks the commander is the person in charge in a submarine But in the submarine everyone is in charge.People usually visit submarines in order to raise fundings During these Fundings The Crew acts like a typical crew The Commander is in charge But this cause a disaster because the commander did not know what he was doing.To avoid disasters people need to take charge when they are actually are not in charge.In all natural disasters human organization becomes focal point because it could have eliminated or avoided the problemExample- the levies in New Orleans couldnt support that category of a Hurricane (Katharina) and the government knew that but budget cuts prevented the levies to be reconstructed to be stronger this was considered a fault at the political end because the money was used for the war in Iraq instead.High Reliability Organization aka HROs (ex. Fire department, military)-are organizations in which errors can cause catastrophic consequences but seem to avoid themSubmarine unit have something called Flexible Authority Flexible Authority- authority of the situation goes to whoever hast the most knowledge to solve it....
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Sociology 12-02-1 - 12-2-08Topic- DisastersIn all natural...

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