Sociology 12-04-1

Sociology 12-04-1 - Disasters o In this disaster it was...

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Disasters 12/4/2008 o In this disaster it was different because there was no actual human o Thule incident A combination a mechanical and technical malfunctions would have cause a great disaster Question: how did this all come to be and how to Prevent it? Tightly Coupled system – when one thing leads to another causing a catastrophic disaster Situation : A B-52 was on an airborne mission to assist the Thule, Greenland radar station to detect Soviet attacks o A small fire erupted witch caused an electrical power outage therefore leaving the pilots with no choice but to evacuate the plane o The plane crashed o 1.1 megatons of nuclear bombs were in the plane at a time of the crash o Fortunately no nuclear detonation occurred Theory of safety- redundancy o More than 1 way of catching a problem o Cause ultimately be the cause of a disaster i.e. – at a nuclear power plant a mishap occurred when testing the backup system which kept the nuclear reactions controlled cause a monumental catastrophe Thule o Starts with the nuclear confrontation between the America and the Soviet Union o MAD (mutually assured destruction) Had enough to destroy world 1000 times o Strategic air command 12 planes fly towards Soviet Union in case of an attack, would be ready to attack o BMEW- to avoid ballistic missile attack What happen if they blew up Thule? o Came up with wiring the planes so it would check on Thule o Plane crashed 8 miles from Thule however, Thule radar station tells it was not an attack Now if the plane crashed into the Thule radar station, one would assume it was a soviet attack because plane and station would be down *creating a problem where the safety features its self causes the actual thing it was set up to prevent Organizational types of disasters These disasters occur because the organizational functions fail. Human error can combine together to create a disaster.
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Sociology 12-04-1 - Disasters o In this disaster it was...

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