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Sociology 12-09-1 - Sociology 105 Lecture 12/9/08 Hurricane...

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Sociology 105 Lecture 12/9/08 Hurricane Katrina -Katrina is getting old – becoming a historical event -Similar to 9/11 because everybody rallied to help the cause – people did it because of the “it can happen to me feeling” instead of doing it for charity -A turning point in people’s view of President Bush – went bad -Before Katrina, when anything happened the government was to blame -New Orleans is a city under sea level -Levees – big walls that protect city from ocean Why would you build a city right on sea level? o 80% of the human population live close to the ocean (coastal areas) o Those areas are close enough to be affected by climate change o Global warming : warmer water = stonger hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones -Long island has no underground power lines (all lines above ground) so if something like Katrina was to hit Long island there will be no power. NYC will have a storm surge of at least 15 feet 1906 – San Francisco earthquake The earthquake didn’t destory that many buildings The after affects of the earthquake did most of the damage – fire from the after affects The highway interchange collapsed FEMA – Ferderal Emergency Management Association (part of homeland security) Was not structured properly, poorly equiped to handle emergencies Michael Churdof, Mike Brown – in Bush’s department Chrudof – during Katrina was unsure abnout thngs about what an event of national significane was – went to Bush for advice -Katrina was supposed to be an event of national significance (allows them to change things (ex: coast guards)), but they didn’t declare it -Brown blocked off any emergncy responses and others to New Orleans -Official communication was out of date – the communication says the dykes were ok, but one reporter at the scene says the dykes were broken -Brown followed the communication instead of the reporter FEMA sent boats from Texas back that was going to help evacuate people – FEMA doesn’t have any boats Evacuation plan – 1 st part – people with cars will drive themselves out 2 nd part – people who do not have cars will hitch a ride from someone else There was no buses sent to New Orleans to help out in the evacuation process because they thought the people of New Orleans would eventually panic and end up tilting the buses over Superdome : capacity over 60000 But tried to house 30000 people – no food, no facilities What is looting? People left the superdome to go break into stores in order to get food and bring It back to the superdome to share and eat Law enforcement was put in the superdome to prevent any more looting and to keep people inside the Superdome Overall the government set themselves up for a situation they cant handle and ended up handling the situation in the wrong way • Katrina is becoming a historical now. i)
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Sociology 12-09-1 - Sociology 105 Lecture 12/9/08 Hurricane...

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