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12/11/2008 The War on Freedom: How and Why America Was Attacked, September 11, 2001 by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed The Operating Procedure of the Collapse on 9- 11 7: 59 – 8:44 Four flights took off in a 15 minute period and they flew from West to East. They hit Manhattan and Washington 8:20 American Airline deviates from their flight plan. They deviate from course and air Traffic would know in 4 minutes. Hijackers took control of planes and turned off communications. 8:38 NORAD- North America Command for the military notified by traffic control to say the planes are hijacked. 8:44 There a report that the planes were scrambled 8:45 Flight 11 hits the World Trade Center 8:52 Planes scrambled from Cape Cod 9:03 United Airlines hits the World Trade Center 9:24 Army came to protect Washington DC 9:40 AA flight 77 hits the Pentagon 10:10 United Airlines flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania During that time Vice President Cheney was in Washington DC while Bush was in Florida reading to kids in an elementary school.
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Unformatted text preview: Cheney was interviewed by NBC Tim Rucer and said Bush major act was intercepting planes by having F-16 with AWACS. AWACS are radar controls on planes. The word intercept means to go and be near it. Guidelines for deviating a plane To shoot down a plane in the US you need the President permission. Standing Operating Process Took 18 minutes for the military to notify that the plane had deviated. Fahrenheit 9-11 The movie showed that Bush was not told that a commercial plane hit the WTC and it was a terrorize attack. Michael Moore made him look like he was panicking away from his responsibilities. Also, the Secret Service was informed but did nothing about it. Any drastic threats to the nation’s security, the Secretary of Defense must be notified. Also, a FBI agent the Federal Govt about the plot of 9-11, but she was ignored....
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