CHE-129 Vocab Chpts 1,2,

CHE-129 Vocab Chpts 1,2, - CHE- 129 Vocabulary- Chpt. 1...

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Unformatted text preview: CHE- 129 Vocabulary- Chpt. 1 Allotrope Different forms of the same element that exist in the same physical state under the same conditions of temperature and pressure. Atom The smallest particle of an element that can be involved in chemical combination with another element. Atomic Theory Proposed by John Dalton in 1803- an element cannot be decomposed into 2 or more new substances because they consist of only one kind of atom and atoms are indivisible. Boiling Point The temperature at which the equilibrium vapor pressure of a liquid equals the external pressure on the liquid. Celsius Temperature A scale defined by the freezing (0C) and boiling (100C) points of pure Scale water at 1atm. Chemical Change/Reaction A process in which substances (reactants) change into other substances (products) by rearrangement, combination, or separation of atoms. Chemical Compound A pure substance that can be decomposed into 2 or more different pure substances. Chemical Element A substance that cannot be decomposed into 2 or more new substances by chemical or physical means. Chemical Formula A notation combining element symbols and numerical subscripts that shows the relative numbers of each kind of atom in a molecule or formula unit of substance. Chemical Property Describes the kinds of chemical reactions that chemical elements or compounds can undergo. Chemistry The study of matter and the changes it can undergo. Law of Conservation of Mass Law stating that there is no detectable change in mass during an ordinary chemical reaction. Law of Constant Composition Law stating that a chemical compound always contains the same elements in the same proportions by mass. Conversion/Proportionality A relationship between two measurement units derived from the Factor proportionality of one quantity to another. Density The ratio of the mass of an object to its volume. Diatomic Molecule A molecule that contains two atoms. Dimensional Analysis A method of using units in calculations to check for correctness. Energy The capacity to do work....
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CHE-129 Vocab Chpts 1,2, - CHE- 129 Vocabulary- Chpt. 1...

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