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LECTURE #6 Hook Technique Note: These are general rules. Everyone has unique modifications that work best for them. Starting Position 1. Stand at foul line with back facing pins 2. Take 4.5 steps (about 12 feet) 3. Arm should be in direct line with 2 nd target arrow The Stance 1. Knees slightly bent 2. Lean slightly forward to keep back straight and shoulders above knees (vertical line) 3. Fingers and thumb at the 10 and 4 o’clock position (right handed) 2 and 8 o’clock if left handed 4. Ball should be held toward the dominant side of the body anywhere between shoulder and waist-level The Pushaway Defined as the movement of the ball away from the body which sets the approach and the swing in motion KEY: The ball initiates all movement 1. Ball moved approximately 3” outward and slightly downward to a point where the elbow straightens 2. The non-bowling hand leaves the ball 3. The forward momentum of the ball will initiate your first step (consistency) 4. First step = size of pushaway
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Bowling_Lecture_6-Hook_Technique - LECTURE #6 Hook...

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