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LECTURE #3 Type of Balls 1. Rubber (rarely used) 2. Plastic a. Very hard to spin, does not create much friction. b. Most house balls are plastic c. Used for picking up spares 3. Reactive Resin a. These balls are preferred for throwing a curve or a hook. b. They grip the lane better and hit the pins harder Grip 1. Conventional grip - Fingers go in the ball up to the second joint, thumb all the way in. a. Makes the ball more secure in back swing 2. Fingertip grip - Fingers go into the ball up to the first joint, thumb all the way in. a. Creates more roll on the ball Ball Rolls 1. Straight ball- Ball travels in a straight line 2. The Hook- The rotation of ball is counter clockwise-Properly executed the ball rolls on a straight line, not a diagonal, until it is four or five feet from the pins and then suddenly breaks. 3. The Curve -The rotation of ball is counter clockwise- Properly thrown,
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Unformatted text preview: the curve will bend out to the right side of the alley and then back into the pocket. The curve also imparts sidespin on the ball, reducing deflection when it hits the pins. 4. The Backup-Rotation clockwise-. “Reverse curve”, ball will bend left out to the left side of the alley and then back into the pocket. However the backup is generally considered to be a weak and hard-to-control delivery. Aiming 1. Pin bowling- attention is fixated on pins. Strike aims, for right-handers attention on 1-3 pocket. Left-handers attention is on 1-2 pocket. For spares attention is fixated on the pin. 2. Spot bowling- in spot bowling, you select an aiming spot somewhere between the foul line and the pins. This may be one of the dart-shaped marks on the lane or a particular board on the lane....
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