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Bowling_Lecture_1_History_1_ - popularity • In 2005 the...

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LECTURE #1 HISTORY Remnants of a game that resembles modern 10-pin bowling were found in a child’s grave in Egypt. This officially dates back to 5,200 BC. In ancient history there are recording that show that forms of bowling were used as military games, and religious ceremonies. The game has evolved much over time. - Pin size, shape, and weight - Number of balls - Ball size and weight - Lane length - Lane materials Bowling has become most popular in the United States. 9-pin bowling flourished in the 1830’s and was used for gambling, therefore banned. Consequently, 10-pin bowling was standardized and grew quickly in
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Unformatted text preview: popularity. • In 2005, the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) became the national governing body of the sport. • The USBC mission is to:-Ensure the integrity and protect the future of the sport-Provide programs and services-Enhance the bowling experience • Bowling rules and regulations were standardized when the USBC was created through the merger of the four previous bowling committees:-American Bowling Council-Women’s International Bowling Council-Young American Bowling Alliance-USA Bowling • Today approximately 60 million people go bowling at least once a year....
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