Learned (WK3)

Learned (WK3) - WEEK 3 I just learned the difference...

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WEEK 3 I just learned the difference between a hacker and a cracker! I was under the impression that the hackers were the bad guys and the crackers were the ones that tracked them down. Now I know that hackers do it for the challenge, crackers do it for malicious reasons. Both are bad guys per se, but the crackers are in it to win it. I didn't realize that a plotter didn't use dots to form picture on paper, rather it actually draws the image for superior quality. Now I know the difference between a printer and a plotter. I didn't realize that the restaurant MOTO uses a standard Canon printer for their edible ink menus. I guess it makes sense, but I thought it would be more complicated than that. Interesting to know as my girlfriend and I will be eating there later this summer for our anniversary. I also did not know that there were studies that disputed the link between repetitive computer tasks and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. I really thought that was a foregone conclusion. Interesting to see another view point on that. I just learned that there was such a thing called a cracker and I'm not talking about the editable one. I was looking at the test and just knew I was going to get that question correct because everyone knows what a hacker does but I'm glad to actually know about the
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Learned (WK3) - WEEK 3 I just learned the difference...

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