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Learned (WK1) - WEEK 1 In chapter one page 29 there is a...

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WEEK 1 In chapter one, page 29, there is a topic that explains what a motherboard is and how it is important. I have heard this subject before but never really understood what this tool or hardware did. I am not computer savvy nor am I very knowledgeable in the subjects of computers. The motherboard is the main circuit board in the computer. The mouse, keyboard and printer all attached through, which are called ports. The ports are located on the back of computers. The processor chip and memory chip are also installed on the motherboard. Most of the information reviewed this week was not new to me. However the refresher aspect of it can not be downplayed. Some of the tips and tricks in the XP SimNet were quite helpful. As I have been using Macs almost exclusively for the past two years, getting reacquainted with Microsoft products has been helpful. I ended up installing XP and Office 2007 as a partition on my Mac hard drive. That was a learning experience in itself! I am glad I am being forced to use these programs again and like to see the differences between them and my Mac counterparts. Most of my computer knowledge is self taught, learned by trial and error. I am liking the SimNet program so far because it shows me what I do know and tips and tricks that I don't. I also like the Information Technology textbook. So far I have found it easy to understand and use as a reference. While I don't think I will be a computer genius at the end of this class, I do hope to have gained enough knowledge to make me more confident in my abilities. I am enjoying the text book as well. However, the required OS for SimNet is killing me. I current own Windows Vista, and the only computers that have XP here are government computers, which we aren't allowed to download add on software to make the SimNet compatible with you computer. I managed to score a desktop though. Same here I hope I at least feel a lot better when it has to do with a computer. I had never got on to a computer until last year when I started my on-line classes. I had to learn everything on my own, I am very rusty and has the classes get harder that are requiring for me to know a lot more with the computers and having a certain format of my essays. The information that I have read to this point is not new, but the correct terminology is one that I'm learning. Example: I thought a workstation was a terminal used by general employees or group, to receive information only. Now I understand the workstation is the next level under mainframe computers. For the most part, what we have learned so far has been review for me. I do like SimNet
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Learned (WK1) - WEEK 1 In chapter one page 29 there is a...

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