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WEEK 5 An example of digital portability is a ____________, Mobile Phone The quality of a song on a digital audio player is determined by its _____, the number of times a song is measured and converted to a digital value sampling rate A tablet PC is a special notebook computer outfitted with a digitizer tablet and __________ that allows a user to handwrite text on the unit's screen. stylus . Another name for image sharpness is _________. resolution. Studying while eating, along with listening to music while talking on the phone or handling email, are all instances of ____________.
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Unformatted text preview: multitasking. To transfer files from your PDA to your PC, you can do the following: ________ To transfer files you can: (1) You can pull out your PDA's flash card and insert it into your computer's card reader, either built in or connected through a USB port. (2) You can put your PDA in a cradle that is plugged in to a USB port, Finally (3) You can transfer data wirelessly using your PDA's built- in WI-Fi or Bluetooth capability. A digital camera's images are stored on __________. flash memory cards ....
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