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WEEK 3 Devices that translate information processed by the computer into a form that humans can understand are called ______________. Output Hardware Which kind of device reads the numbers printed at the bottom of checks? Magnetic-ink character recognition (MICR) Results of processing are referred to as _______________. output . Data and information that is shown on a display screen is called _________. Softcopy. In which type display is each pixel on the flat-panel screen controlled by its own transistor? Active Matrix Display, also known as TFT -thin film transistor . Security devices that identify a person through fingerprint, voice integration or retinal- identification are an example of which technology? biometrics . What device uses light-sensing equipment to convert images of text, drawings, and
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Unformatted text preview: photos into digital form? Scanner . Communications signals represented in a binary format are said to be __________ Digital. Each zero and one signal represents a ___________. Bit. What are some other health issues that come into play when dealing with computers? Electromagnetic fields that could cause cancer, back and neck pains from poor postures (laptops are the worst), and psychological stress from noise made by computer fans or contact printers. Transmitting a signal from a ground station to a satellite is called ____________. uplinking . Fingerprint scanners, face-recognition systems, iris-recognition systems are based on _________. biometrics, or the science of measuring individual body characteristics ....
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