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Q&A (WK2) - Editing The place in a spreadsheet where a...

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WEEK 2 What are the two types of software? system and application Programs that are stored permanently in the computer's electronic circuitry are known as  __________. ROM The user-controllable display screen that allows the user to communicate with the computer is  the _______________. user interface With a GUI, files and application programs can be viewed within rectangular areas of the screen  called ____________. Desktop or windows. When a contract is signed by a software purchaser agreeing not to make copies of the software  for resale or giving away, the purchaser is signing a(n) __________. software license . A named collection of data or a program that exists in a computer's secondary storage is called  (a) ____________.. file. Altering the content in a document is called ________________.
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Unformatted text preview: Editing. The place in a spreadsheet where a row and a column intersect is called a(n) ________. Cell A number or date entered into a cell of a spreadheet is called a ____________. . value The two digits used in the binary system are ________________. 0 and 1 A byte is made up of ________ bits. eight. One _______ equates to about 500 pages of text. megabyte. About 1 billion bytes is a _____________. gigabyte. A ____________ is one-trillionth of a second. picosecond . What is the ALU and what does it do? The ALU is a part of the CPU that handles arithmetic operations. ALU stands for arithmetic logic unit. Addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, etc. and all related operations are handled by ALUs....
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  • Row, application programs, arithmetic operations. ALU, user­controllable display screen, _______________. user interface

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