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Unformatted text preview: 1-1MODELS, MEASUREMENTS,ANDVECTORS1Answers to Multiple-Choice Problems1.B2.A3.C4.A5.B6.A7.B8.D9.C10.C11.B12.B13.DSolutions to Problems1.1. Set Up:We know the following equalities:andSolve:In each case multiply the quantity to be converted by unity, expressed in different units. Construct an expressionfor unity so that the units to be changed cancel and we are left with the new desired units.(a)(b)(c)(d)(e)Reflect:In each case, the number representing the quantity is larger when expressed in the smaller unit. For example,it takes more milligrams to express a mass than to express the mass in grams.1.2. Set Up:From the meaning of the metric prefixes we know:and Solve: (a)(b)(c)(d)(e)12 femtometer2110215meter1 femtometer252310215meter1700 nm211029meter1 nm257.0031027meter1400 nm211029meter1 nm254.0031027meter;13.003108m/s211 gigameter109m250.300 gigameter/s15 picofarads2110212farad1 picofarad255310212picofarad17.85 megohms21106ohms1 megaohm257.853106ohms10215m.1 femtometer51 fm 51 nanometer51 nm51029m;1 gigameter51 Gm5109m;1 pf510212farad;1 picofarad 51 megaohm51 MV 5106ohms;10.020 amp2511 milliamp1023amp2520 milliamps11500 ohms211 kilohm103ohms251.50 kilohms1500 mg/day211023g1 mg250.500 g/day1120 mg/day211026g1 mg251.2031024g/day12400 mg/day211023g1 mg252.40 g/day1 milliamp51023amp.1 kilohms51000 ohms;1 mg51026g;1 mg51023g;1.3. Set Up:We know the equalities:and Solve: (a)(b)(c)The mass of each tablet is The number of tablets required each day is the number of grams recommended per day divided by the number ofgrams per tablet:Take 2 tablets each day.(d)1.4. Set Up:In part (a), we need to solve an equation of the form where xis a series of conversion equalities and yis the unknown number of kilometers. For part (b), we must proveusing the equalities and Part (c) requires the application ofthe equality Solve: (a)(b)(c)1.5. Set Up:We need to apply the following conversion equalities:andSolve: (a)(b)(c)Reflect:We could express the density of water as 1.6. Set Up:We know that and that mph means miles per hour.Solve: (a)(b)165 mph211 km0.6214 mi25105 km/h1150 km/h210.6214 mi1 km2593 mi/h593 mph1 km50.6214 mi1.00 kg/L.11.00 kg212.205 lb1.00 kg252.20 lb11.00 L211000 cm31.00 L211.00 g1.00 cm3211.00 kg1000 g251.00 kg;11050 kg/m3211000 g1.00 kg211.00 m1000 cm2351.05 g/cm311.00 g/cm3211.00 kg1000 g21100 cm1.00 m2351000 kg/m31.00 L51000 cm3.100 cm51.00 m,1000 g51.00 kg,11.00 L21103mL1.00 L211.00 cm31.00 mL251000 cm311.00 mL211.00 L103mL211000 cm31.00 L251.00 cm3y51.61 kmS12.54 cm1.00 in.2112.0 in.1.00 ft215280 ft1.00 mi2T11.00 mi2S11.00 m100 cm211.00 km103m2T5y;1 mL51 cm3.103mL51 L.1 L51000 cm31.00 cm311.00 mL2x512.54 cm1.00 in.2x11.0 mi25y,10.000070 g/day211 mg1023g250.070 mg/day0.0030 g/day2.031023g/tablet51.5 tablet/day....
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01_InstSolManual_PDF-1 - 1-1MODELS,...

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