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BUS 660 Contemporary Issues in Organizational Leadership   WEEK SIX FORUM   PROFESSOR Martin Cain     Readings Read Chapters:  13  ( pg. ) ;  14  (p. )   Leadership: Enhancing the lessons of experience  (6th  ed.).  New York, NY:  McGraw-Hill Irwin.  Discussions Transformation Leader 636-650 Research, evaluate and discuss the similarities and differences between the Theory of  Transformational Leadership and the Theory of Transactional Leadership. Converse about the  common characteristics of a transformational and a transactional leader.  MY FORUM: According to Hughes, Ginnett and Curphy (2009) the common characteristic of a transformational leader is that  they “…are inherently future-oriented” (p. 637).  The similarities of transformational leadership and  transactional leadership is that both styles of leaders are attempting to influence their followers in a manner  that fulfills their vision as well as the relationship methods that they see as the best choice. Previous data  indicate that transformational leaders also use active transactional-style leadership to achieve their objectives  According to Hughes, Ginnett and Curphy (2009) “…there is overwhelming evidence that transformational  leadership is a significantly better predictor of organizational effectiveness than transactional…” leadership (p.  650).  According to Stephen Covey’s book Principle Centered Leadership (1991) transformational leadership  and transactional leadership are not the same in that “…the former basically means that we change the  realities of our particular world to more nearly conform to our values and ideals…” whereas “…the latter  focuses on an efficient interaction with the changing realities” (p. 285).  In other words, transformational  leadership is a method that is based on principles and transactional leadership centers it focus on events.   Reference: ., (1988). Transformational leadership in a management  game simulation. (1988).    13 (1), 59. FORUM POST #1 RE: Transformation Leader (Maltzman) Nancie Lutze 6/4/2010 2:31:24 PM
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Hi Jody, I agree that transformational leaders project a good vision and drive their followers to organizational change. I would label my Police Chief as a transformational leader he is a true visionary and moves forward with his visions. If it weren't for his visions status quo would not have advanced our department. He is also rhetorical in his speaking abilities. On the contrary transactional leaders do not have the above leadership abilities and do not develop emotional
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BUS 660 WEEK 6 FORUM -...

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